Subway Surfers Game – Play subway surfers online

Subway Surfers game is a mobile game where you have to keep on running through the railway tracks. This is an endless running game which is co-developed by Kiloo. This game is available on iOS, Android and even Windows phones. The player who is operating takes the role of a teenager. This is an exciting game where you have to escape the inspector and his dog by running away grabbing the gold coins on the track or in the air. There are many obstacles in this Surfer Subway. You have to dodge or jump over these obstacles to avoid collision. Even you have to avoid collisions with the train in the Subway Surfer games. Once you hit the obstacle the policeman will catch you. Even if you get hit by the train the game will be over. There are a lot of locations for Subway Surfers games. You can try different levels of this games with the Subway Surfers 1, Subway Surfers 2, Subway Surfers 3 and Subway Surfers 4.

How To Play Subway Surfers online?

Playing this game is not at all difficult and thus even kids can play subway surfers on the mobile phones. The main objective of this game is to collect as much gold coins as you can by covering the longest distance. Both of these add up to the final score. You will come across a lot of trains and obstacles while running. You have to swipe down or swipe up to dodge the barriers. Either you have to jump over them or slide under them. But remember you cannot jump over the train to escape the hit. You have to change your track in order to avoid being hit by the train. Train can be moving or even still. You have to carefully watch and move yourself away from the train.

Gameplay description

While you play subway surfers online you will come across a lot of different things like magnet, rocket or even a shoe. With the help of the magnet you can grab all the coins regardless of where the coin is. The rocket helps you to fly in the sky and get all the coins that are there. And the pair of shoes help you to jump higher and also to a longer distance than normal. If you are wearing that special shoes you will be able to jump over the trains and avoid the hit. But remember, this magnetic power, rocket or power of this special shoes last only for a few seconds. Once the power is over you will be back to the normal form of subway surfers online.

The more coins you collect and the more distance you cover will help you to set a higher score. And also, you have to make sure that you are using the right character or hover board while playing. You can buy or change them from the settings of Subway Surfers game online. With the help of the hover board you do not have to run through the tracks and also you can save yourself from one collision. So, that is all from how to play Subway Surfers. Now download it on your phone (or PC) and enjoy the game! Go to Download Page and find capable game version for any device:

Subway Surfers Review

from milner14
I remember amid past days, I have presented some essential however valuable principles on war warriors move aptitudes, and this time I will bring some best abilities I’ve ever observed on Subways Surfers skateboards!

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Well, think about what!! Two Danish amusement designers took this fantasy and in the year 2012 propelled a diversion called as Subway Surfers. The character in this diversion is obviously concocted on the cliché pictures we have of skateboarders. He is constantly wearing pants and coat with a hood. The hood is extended over his head which is secured to a larger than usual top. The generalization proceeds with the picture on the front of the diversion in which the character is holding a splash can.

Expertise one: Everyone has an alternate inclination as to their swiping style, one finger or two. My child, for instance, will dependably utilize one single finger and score truly well. Me then again, well I’ll utilize my correct pointer for moving right, hopping and rolling and my left forefinger for moving to one side.

Expertise two: We’ve officially shrouded this in the Earn Coins page, yet on the off chance that you’ve avoided that you ought to know there is a simple approach to win two coins for nothing regularly by simply watching a short video cut/advertisement. To see this alternative, go to Shop > Earn Coins from the primary menu.

Ability three: When you are in mid-flight of a hop you can swipe down to drop out of the hop and keep running, this is valuable if you have is-coordinated a hop, or you can see that your normal arrival area is not going to be a decent one. You can likewise alter course in mid-air by swiping left or right while in mid-air from a hop. Controls are given a diagram here.

Aptitude four: It’s ideal to keep running on top of the trains than on the ground at any rate up there you won’t get hit by an approaching train or a hindrance. The dominance of the alter of course while bouncing aptitude will help you colossally to remain on the trains.

Ability five: You can use your keys after you have smashed, they permit you to augment or proceed with your amusement – like having an additional life. In any case on the off chance that you do this different circumstances in one run you’ll soon find that you come up short on keys before long as while the main expansion costs only one key, the second will cost two and the third four et cetera, multiplying every time. At that point resetting once you begin another keep running from the begin.

Aptitude six: Boosters are gathered as you play the amusement, yet the time you get for every promoter is managed by it’s level. In the shop, select the supports catch and in the event that you have enough coins you can overhaul these things. This is managed in more detail in this page of our guide: Boosters – Spending Your Coins.

Trust these abilities can help you a ton, and you can watch our diversion play recordings here!

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